Presentation is one of the key factors when giving a plaque award. A high-quality, engraved plaque gives sophistication. There are various plaque awards and choosing the best depends on preferences.

Glass plaques

Plaque makers offer glass plaques with engraving and digital prints. These are best for employee recognition and corporate recognition award ceremonies. Glass plaques are timeless and classy. They have a unique and elegant look making them perfect for a professional environment. Glass plaques also offer more space for engraved messages or digital prints.

Crystal plaques

Crystal plaques offer the same flexibility as those glass plaques. They have plenty of space for digital prints and engraved messages. Crystal plaques are the most elegant and classic way of commemorating an achievement. These timeless pieces are suitable for many types of events. They are durable and beautiful as a display piece.

Wood plaques

Wood is a great material for plaques because of its strength and sturdiness. It gives a classic and businesslike vibe perfect for any occasion. Wood plaques come in various stains, such as mahogany, ebony, walnut, natural, and more. The earth-tone coloration fits in business settings well. Wood plaques are tough enough to preserve what is inside for a long period of time.

Acrylic plaques

Plaques made from acrylic are also durable and sturdy like wood plaques. They can stand some drops and drips. Acrylic plaques are usually in clear crystalline or black background.  There are around 30 more colored backgrounds available. The various colors help accentuate what is inside the plaque more. Examples of popular backgrounds are fabric-themed denim background and nature-themed water background. Acrylic plaques offer more freedom to express creativity.

A plaque award recognizes an achievement. Plaques are usually made to remember a person, place, or event. There are many ways to order custom plaque awards. A lot of online sites offer a quick setup that even beginners can follow. Plaque awards are available for customization. Simply select the font, font size, and font effects. Plaque makers can send an email to show how the plaque will look like. They will wait for approval before producing the plaque. It ensures a high-quality plaque award.