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With the onset of the pandemic, many things changed as the lockdowns cut off most physical activities, resulting in the shift of most of these activities to the digital domain, let it be shopping, working as well as reading. In the case of the latter, online reading through ebooks and websites providing digital copies of books like All You Can Books were already quite popular even before the pandemic, making other forms of online books emerge: audiobooks.

While reading itself is something people enjoy as a hobby, many read books to indulge themselves with stories of the untold or those of fiction that grabs their attention till the very last page of the intense climax. For those who read for escapism into the world of fiction and fantasy, audiobooks have been an extremely beneficial and popular alternative as they listen to the rich world-building of their favourite books.

What are audiobooks?

As the term itself suggests, audiobooks are books available in the form of audio — as many may even call it, they are almost akin to someone reading the story to the reader like those one used to listen to while going to bed when they were young. It has especially been popular during the pandemic as people indulged in audiobooks while working out in the gym or doing some house chores.

Since audiobooks have the same content as physical or hardcopy books, many even started to listen to the audiobooks solely instead of reading since they found it more convenient to their schedule and usage.

All You Can Books


As already mentioned, audiobooks are quite easy to listen to while working or doing something else, making them ideal to fit into the tight schedules of students or even busy office workers. In addition to that, it also helps facilitate one’s imagination as one closes their eyes and focuses on the story being painted through the words read out loud.

Many audiobooks are even read in a manner to represent the emotions of the characters, reading their dialogues coloured with the emotions one could only imagine when reading. This enhances the reading experience of many readers while giving them the infinite space to carry many audiobooks at once in cyberspace through reading platforms like All You Can Books.


In the end, audiobooks are one of the best forms to read any book since they are easy to carry around and listen to while working through the chores of the house or even doing a long journey out somewhere.