Are You Looking For Nickel Free Jewelry?

Are You Looking For Nickel Free Jewelry

Is this jewelry safe for me to wear?

We’ve all been there before, go shopping, or browse online where lightning strikes and you see those amazing earrings that can tie your dress together or necklaces that just define you. Your blood starts to pump faster, you are happy and you want to know where to get it, how much it costs, and can be there over the weekend. The problem is one small question we all forget. If you think this sounds like crazy talk you are not alone.

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First let’s talk about what you should know about lead, nickel, and how you are not your friend. The human skin is prone to pores and reacts to irritants. Nickel has been shown to cause allergic reactions that produce a mild to a severe reaction within 12 to 48 hours after contact. A slight reaction to nickel can be rashes, red spots, bumps, itching, or redness. The most serious side effects of the nickel reaction are dry skin spots such as burns, blisters, or redness. Sounds bad? You bet. Fortunately, many of these symptoms can be alleviated by removing nickel jewelry or seeking medical attention from a medical professional.  usually occur after prolonged or continuous exposure. Once you develop a nickel allergy you will continue to be at risk for symptoms and you should avoid contact. 


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It can be difficult to find anyone who is surprised that prolonged exposure to lead is harmful to your health. Lead poisoning occurs after there has been a buildup in the body for months or years of exposure. You may be surprised to learn that even a small amount of lead can cause serious health problems. Excessive   amounts of lead poisoning can be dangerous and the effects on children can affect their mental and physical development. The list of diseases associated with lead poisoning is long but just a few counts may include memory loss, decreased brain function, headache, emotional disturbances, muscle weakness, miscarriage, and premature birth.

It is safe to say that there should be more consumer awareness on the dangers of jewelry containing lead and nickel.The challenge is when jewelry manufactured in third-world countries can be treated to the same standards or regulations can be strictly enforced. If you have purchased jewelry from a third country where they usually make imitation jewelry, costumes, knockoffs, or low-quality accessories that you may have been exposed to and you should consider the development of something new.

The next time you go out of your way to the online shopping mall or find a jewelry table at a concert and find that amazing ring or ring that catches your eye, do not forget to make sure it is free of lead and nickel. Depending on where you get your jewelry it will bring out speculation in the equation most of the time.