Role Of Social Media Platforms In Marketing

Ronn Torossian

The internet is constantly evolving, and social media platforms are also changing. How we use these sites and how they affect marketing are also developing. As more people turn to these networks for their social needs, marketers adapt to the new technology – with mixed results. 


Ronn Torossian encourages social media platforms have made it easier for businesses to market to the public. They allow users to interact and share information, which can be effective in attracting customers. Consumers can also post reviews of products and services they have used, which can be helpful information to a business considering expanding into the same product or service category. Social networks can also provide businesses with an abundance of data about their consumers’ purchasing habits, activities, and demographics. This information is beneficial for creating brand awareness and new customer relationships. 

Ronn Torossian


Social media sites can also provide marketers with precise targeting abilities. When users create profiles on these sites, they build their digital footprint. This allows marketers to gain valuable insight into their potential customers’ hobbies, interests, and activities. This information is used to find people who share similar qualities and may be interested in advertised products or services. The use of social media marketing increases the probability that potential customers will be reached through exposure to a product or service being advertised. 


Social media platforms have a wide reach and can allow businesses to target a large audience at once. However, some consumers become annoyed with the number of advertisements they see on these sites, so some businesses have had difficulty reaching specific demographics. The popularity of these platforms has also decreased as a result of privacy concerns by users. Many social media platforms also have many users who may not be interested in the product or service being advertised. This can confuse a business and make it harder for them to notice the target demographic they are trying to reach. 


There are many ways for businesses to use social media platforms in their marketing strategies. Social media sites allow businesses to target multiple demographics, allowing them to reach a larger audience. Because these sites can be an efficient and effective way to market, they are used by many companies. The cost of this type of marketing is usually relatively low compared to other advertising methods, and it requires less time and resources than traditional forms of advertising.