Calendars – Your Customers Will Love Them, and They Are Great Advertisements       

Magnetic gifts-calendars

The holidays are coming up and it’s time to think of a small, inexpensive, but impressive gift for your customers. In fact, magnets that display your business information have proven to be the best at building and maintaining business. You can share a useful item as well as a year-round reminder of your business. A Magnetic calendar can solve many of your company’s needs.

Information to include in your calendar

You want your business information to be easy to find and highly visible. This will help your customers and attract the attention of potential business. Your calendar should include your company name, phone number, and fax number. You can have a website to enable. You can choose a shape, font or artwork that includes beautiful colors. Giving out a magnet with important information is one way of low cost and effective advertising. Since the Magnetic calendar is right there on their fridge, or filing cabinet, or magnetic bulletin board, it’s your business card that gets noticed every day. It will keep your information at their fingertips throughout the year.

You want to maintain and generate more business and the style you choose will keep your customers coming back because they will identify this calendar with great quality products.

Order now

It’s time to order a magnetic calendar. This can be an item you can share with your customers anytime, but the holidays are the best time to distribute them. A 2009 calendar is a great way to wish them a Happy New Year. The business you create is sure to give you a happy new year! Now there’s another thing on your “must do” list that’s easy to do!

But you also have several calendar options. It is possible to choose a calendar with the US flag with important dates for our country. You may decide to use a high school sports schedule with a background that uses the school colors. These Magnetic calendar are colored to show the dates of home games and tournaments. You can also skip the high school schedule and go straight to the pros! There are hockey and golf schedules, as well as auto racing dates. You can order any type of calendar you can imagine.